Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Isn't that your friend's name?"

There was a subdued roar at the dark corner of the room. The horrified little girl the boy next to him as she looked on. Slowly, the full grown lion showed itself as it emerged from the darkness. With a shrill cry of fear, the kids ran down the hall as the lion hotly pursued its prey, when suddenly Robin Williams appeared before the lion from nowhere and took the lion by surprise. Now the lion focussed on him and got ready to take on his challenge. After a brief pause, it pounced on him suddenly, when my mom appeared from nowhere between me and the TV (just like the lion!).

I said "Mom, why don't you stop moving here and there and start watching this movie?"

"Such movies don't interest me", said she.

"Come on don't judge it before you have watched at least a bit of it. This movie is Jumanji...surely you must have heard of it"

"Jumanji?", ask my mom and got lost in her thought for sometime, "Isn't that your friend's name?"

"What? My friends name? Its a movies name. You must have confused.....", and then it stuck me! "Oh! hah ha ha. That is not Jumanji! His name is Jibanjeet"!


Aish said...

Haha! Jibanjeet. Please send him the link. Or let me do it :). I am sure he will have a few things to say.

shabnam said...

Badhri...one english correction here ;-) if you care....

"The horrified little girl and clutched the boy next to him as she looked on..."

You realise what? :D.. cud not help..am addicted now ;-)