Monday, May 5, 2008

Cheppandi !!!

So my friend, Vishwas is trying to book a bus ticket to Pune. The great guy that he is, he waited till the last day to book the ticket. No tickets available, anywhere. We searched at a few places. Then we tried calling the toll free number of Raj Travels. 1800-blah-blah.

Vishwas made the phone call. Phone rings.

Lady (picks phone on the other side): Cheppundi ! (Yes Please!)
Vishwas: "Arre Raj Travels! Mere ko Pune ke liye ticket chahiye"
Lady: Enti Saaar!! (I am not sure what is meant by this. Ask Telegu experts)
Vishwas: Raj Travels!
Lady: No Sir.. Idi 108 Emergency. What is the problem?

1 comment:

Badhri said...

Holy Crap! Thank god this didn't happen when he was calling up to order a pizza!