Friday, May 23, 2008

Already arranged interview....???

Well, I get email requests...for employment possibilities..but this request is one of its kinds.... :D

Dear Employer:

I am responding to your advertisement in website, regarding openings in Development Engineer. Please find enclosed my resume showing my education, experience, and background.

I have around 2 years experience in the software field. May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? I am available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.

Thank you for your time and consideration...
Ms. R

Badhri... what do you have to say ;-)


Shashi said...

I'd call it extreme case of self confidence coupled with strange case of audacity. ;-)

LOL !!!!

Aish said...

Could be. Or a plain case of Indian English.

Shashi said...

There is nothing like "Indian English" but only "incorrect English".

Isn't it ?

shabnam said...

Badhri Saaar...u thought only my english is BAD :D

Badhri said...

Your English was never bad. It is worth improving.

With this one, just go with the flow and enjoy the joke! God save English! :)

Packers Movers said...

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