Friday, May 2, 2008

MagLev's problems

Sudeep: When you go to Japan make sure you go in Shinkansen (Japan's fastest train)

Badhri: Sure. Have you been on it?

Sudeep: No, but I had been on Maglev in China. You know? That train that works on magnetic levitation?

Badhri : Ya

Sudeep: Man its so fast! Its maximum speed is 435 kmph!

Badhri: Wow!

Sudeep: Can you believe it? Had it been built in India, I can be in Kerala and travel for work in Hyderabad!

Badhri: Amazing! But the only problem is, you can't board the train as it starts moving from the station anymore!

Sudeep: (to himself). I can't believe I have let him crack that PJ again! Damn me!

FYI: Maglev on Wiki

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