Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Early signs of Alzheimer's disease...!

Well, it’s more of a silly act of forgetfulness, is all I can say. Last evening, as a routine I packed my stuff hurriedly and rushed downstairs from my workplace to catch a rick to home. An auto rick stood nearby and as a daily routine I fought with him… since, he demanded his exorbitant charges irrespective of his digital meter board. I told him “GET LOST”. I seriously did so. Waited anxiously for another one and the other one agreed with his meter reading fare. I thanked my stars and boarded the rick, when I realized I had forgotten something……I had literally forgotten that today I actually drove down and had parked my car downstairs…I stopped the rick driver and apologized… he gave me a weird look as if I had gone crazy...stopping him over and then getting down…but I smiled back thinking he doesn’t even know the reason. Well, then I came up and searched for my keys and drove back home….

Are you guys smiling AT LEAST…on my insanity???? :-)

Slip of the tongue

This had always been a problem to me and some of my friends. Basically, our minds work faster than our mouth..and our mouth does not cooperate with our speed.

Though I have done thousands of mistakes, I don't recollect much except yesterday's

When I was mad at somebody for their mistake, i said " itleast, at should be done like this". People stopped arguing and started laughing.. It took me a minute to understand why..

Well, this one I can never forget..Once, my friend vasu wanted to tell me "hey priya, i am not a bill clinton or george bush". He had a quick confusion in his mind whether to say bill clinton or george bush. But he said
" hey priya, i am not a billy bush".

I was like " what" ?????!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Precocious !!

Frankly speaking I had to rack my brains to write something here. Not that I do not laugh but then most of times they are either situational or they cannot be written about here ;). Here goes my first contribution.

This is my nephew and like all kids of today's generation he is ahead of his time. I am happy he is taking this seriously and is getting ready for the life ahead.

Click on the picture to get a better view

In case you are wondering, the headline says
"Sex Education in classes from next academic year"

Comedy of Reflection!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Dodo became extinct?

When have you stumbled upon the proof of Murphy's law lately? I do it all the time I go to Bangalore. When I am free, I flip through the channels for some good movies only to find none interesting. But invariably, when I had to leave for Hyderabad, or for work, there I would find a good movie just about to start!

It was no exception this time. I was about to leave for Hyderabad and its time for Ice Age. This time, I said to myself "That's enough! I will stay just a bit longer to savour a few minutes". And boy, this turned out to be one delay that I would cherish! Here is "Ice Age"s take on how Dodo, the pre-historic bird known for its stupidity became extinct!

Unfortunately, I could find only the hungarian version. Will see if I can post an English one when I find it!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Roll over!

"Ha ha ha", I laughed out aloud to the surprise of a passer-by, as I was walking on the street holding the thin, yellow "Treasury of jokes" by Reader's Digest.

Moments earlier, lazy to flip the pages from the beginning, I chose to read the last joke from the last page which read.....

Patient : "This hospital is no good. It treats us patients like dogs"
Orderly: "You know that's not true. Now, roll over!"

Friday, April 25, 2008

How do I call you?

I train my customers to use the software my company sells to them. Today, there was curious customer who expressed his concern about the difficulty he will go through to use the software current class is over.

"You can call me on my mobile and I would be happy to help you" I said.
"How do we call you?", he asked.
"ummm.....Badhri", I said puzzled that he didn't know my name after 3 days of interaction.

The whole class burst into laughter and he looked snubbed. After a brief moment of oblivion, I realized the customer was asking for me mobile phone number!