Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Dodo became extinct?

When have you stumbled upon the proof of Murphy's law lately? I do it all the time I go to Bangalore. When I am free, I flip through the channels for some good movies only to find none interesting. But invariably, when I had to leave for Hyderabad, or for work, there I would find a good movie just about to start!

It was no exception this time. I was about to leave for Hyderabad and its time for Ice Age. This time, I said to myself "That's enough! I will stay just a bit longer to savour a few minutes". And boy, this turned out to be one delay that I would cherish! Here is "Ice Age"s take on how Dodo, the pre-historic bird known for its stupidity became extinct!

Unfortunately, I could find only the hungarian version. Will see if I can post an English one when I find it!

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