Friday, April 25, 2008

How do I call you?

I train my customers to use the software my company sells to them. Today, there was curious customer who expressed his concern about the difficulty he will go through to use the software current class is over.

"You can call me on my mobile and I would be happy to help you" I said.
"How do we call you?", he asked.
"ummm.....Badhri", I said puzzled that he didn't know my name after 3 days of interaction.

The whole class burst into laughter and he looked snubbed. After a brief moment of oblivion, I realized the customer was asking for me mobile phone number!


shabnam said...
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shabnam said...

:)))))....! Smiles for the post you have come up with Badhri!!! Further, I think we all pen down during our blues or miseries but don't even care to remember the episodes that brought generous smiles to our faces. A great way to start blogging on these lines and hopefully bring smiles to others too :-)

Badhri said...

Awesome! I am waiting for your side of the story!