Wednesday, July 22, 2015

He is to me what Hobbes is to him!

Calvin is a rebellious kid. He doesn’t like school and has problems with education. He is a little dark since he like being a little destructive. But his childish innocence is more charismatic than his mischievous!

His best buddy is Hobbes – His stuffed tiger doll. Hobbes is alive only for Calvin and is portrayed as a lifeless doll by the caricaturist Bill Watterson when there is a third person! So, what Hobbes says is just a figment of Calvin’s own imagination!

Here are a few that I enjoyed and why

The fun is actually in the mundane things you know but just don’t stop to describe it!

They say Math is not about plugging numbers in a formula and solving it. It is about “the approach” and “the angle” at which you look at it. Well, here is the approach and the angle!

Its not enough you arrive at solution to a problem. Its equally important to review it and look if something is wrong with your answer!

Writing (or composition as the sophisticated British call it!) is just as important as math!

Sometimes you have genuine reason for not completing your work at home!

If you are really focused in class, you wouldn’t realize the time pass! Would’nt you?

Knowledge is Power. But did you know it has drawbacks?
Plato, Swami Vivekandanda, Einstein, CV Raman, Jaggi Vasudev… all have a chink in the armour!
Calvin doesn’t!

But don't underestimate Calvin's creativity just because he is into reading, writing and math!

And finally, this is among my all time favourites!

There is always chear…
When Calvin is here!