Sunday, January 10, 2010

The pick up

Invited by a Japanese colleague of mine, I had an opportunity to go to a concert by Dobet Gnahore, a singer form Ivory Coast along with my wife. The concert had a lot of good things about it. It was at Taj Banjara, walkable distance from my home. The concert was by inivitation only. That means the concert, a glass of Coke (or Minute Maid if you haven't grown up yet!) and two pieces of unidentifiable, but vegetarian snacks are all FREEEEEE!
But it so happened that despite the proximity of the hotel to my home, my wife and I got late at work and I decided to pick her up and reached the hotel directly.
There were quite a few Indians from the posh areas of Hyderabad along with foreign nationals from various parts of the world. So, in the eve of the concert, I stood around with a Russian lady named Ann (Oh she now has the unique distinction of being the first and by far the only Russian that Badhri has met! :D), my Japanese and Indian colleague-cum-friends and got on with the introduction drill. When my round came, I introduced my wife to Ann. My Japanese friend, who had quite a fun at my wedding said excitedly, that we are married for just 11 months now. That focused Ann's thought around my wife and me. Realizing that the majority of the gathering is from my office, Ann pointed to my wife and asked "Is she from your office too?". In a moment of thoughtlessness, I replied "Naaaa, I picked her up!".
In the next moment, I noticed an expression that said "You didn't mean that!" and gave a look at my wife with her a grin. My Indian friend laughed till her stomach ached (and every time I make a fool of myself, there she is doing that! I think it is all her fault! :D) My Japanese friend followed while my wife looked at with an intimidating "Lets see how you manage your dinner tonight!". I quickly made a vain attempt to salvage the situation saying " I mean...... I picked her up from her office before coming for the concert". But as every one went on laughing holding their belly as if to ensure that their intestine didn't burst out, no one bothered listening!"
PS: This introduces a new category "Shoot yourself in the foot"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meal out of movie stars

Everyone loves to make a meal out of movie stars. But this one takes it to a more literal sense.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Remembering the travails of a South Indian male

This article was introduced to me by a childhood buddy of mine and boy I almost soiled myself with laughter. I could only relate to this more because I am one of the "Venkatachalapathy"s myself, but could still take heart from the fact that there are still "Blossom Babykutty"s to who I can point my finger at laugh. Oh it does give so much fun to laugh at others especially when you are not much better off than them!

I read this article much before I started blogging and since then I find that this article has spread across the web like H1N1. It would be a pity to have a blog dedicated to comedy without talking about this one.

If you feel like a child lost in a pub, read the article.