Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Slip of the tongue

This had always been a problem to me and some of my friends. Basically, our minds work faster than our mouth..and our mouth does not cooperate with our speed.

Though I have done thousands of mistakes, I don't recollect much except yesterday's

When I was mad at somebody for their mistake, i said " itleast, at should be done like this". People stopped arguing and started laughing.. It took me a minute to understand why..

Well, this one I can never forget..Once, my friend vasu wanted to tell me "hey priya, i am not a bill clinton or george bush". He had a quick confusion in his mind whether to say bill clinton or george bush. But he said
" hey priya, i am not a billy bush".

I was like " what" ?????!!!!!!!


Badhri said...

"Slup of the tingue" is an unforgettable trait. I remember one from the childhood days

"Pallu jilllllunu sudrathu"
(My teeth is chilly hot!)

Another one I remember (but you may not) is from EverYours

"Draw a round circle"
(I know this is famous in gen, but you still manage to use it unintentionally! :)

Priya Venkatakrishnan said...

i remember both!!
round circle was so much fun that day!!
i feel sorry that badhri sir has passed away!!