Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nature of job 2 of 3

Following happened to other colleauge (Vijay) yesterday :-

Somebody happened to have visited him, I'll call him Mr. Dingu.

Mr. Dingu got interested in the kind of job that we do at Synopsys.
To make it simple, Vijay replied " We work on chip design and related softwares ".

Mr. Dingu inquired with genuine curiosity - " so what's hot in chip design these days ? "

Vijay actively replied - " Power !!! Now a days low power designs are critical . Power seem to be the key challenge for the chips to come !! "

The discussion went on for around 10 mins and Vijay was very happy to have found some one who actually understands "nature of his job" !!!!
but he was taken aback by this statement of Mr. Dingu after a long discussion on low power design challenges in VLSI

" Oh Now I understand, why Reliance Power is investing so much money in Taiwan "


Badhri said...

Is this Mr. Dingu, some one I know?

Shashi said...

Nope !!!

But how does it really matter ?

Badhri said...

True...just curious! :)

Aish said...

I guess Badhri wants to know how is this Mr Dingu able to supply you with so many anecdotes and Badhri does not know him at all

Badhri said...

Shabnam! Help! :(