Tuesday, May 6, 2008

3 girls and a guy !!

My name causes a lot of confusion to a lot of people. Quite understandable and there are tons of incidents where my name made people believe that the person behind the name is a damsel. Here goes the first one.

Satyam had organized an Antakshari competition for its employees. I participated in it along with two guys and a girl - teams of 4 were required. Now the stroke of luck - My name is Aishwarya, another guy's name was Ramya, there was another guy, Swastik and another girl - Sarbani. We won the competition and when we went to the organizers to get our names registered for the next level, she was surprised. She had expected a team of 3 girls and a guy, again, understandably.


Badhri said...

Haa haa haa!
Dude, that actually turned out to be funny. Just kidding :) (only about the "actually" part)

Aish said...

Well !! Did not even understand your comment

Shashi said...

Hey Aish,

Your post was funny !!!
And your comment above makes it hilarious ...

;) !!!!

shabnam said...

You guys won't stop fighting here on this blog post also?????

Badhri said...

I hate researching a joke..but now to prove that I was not caffinated while writing, I will explain it!

>> Dude, that actually turned out to be funny

Inference: Your jokes were not funny earlier!

>> Just kidding
Inference: All your jokes are funny.

>> (just kidding) only about the "actually" part!

Explanation: Saying only "just kidding" may be misleading. It may wrongly mean that your current joke is not funny", hence the clarification written in the braces!

Inference: Never argue with a guy who is preparing for GMAT!
:) :)

Shashi said...

Who is fighting ?
who are the guys ?

I am confused.

My name being Shashi ( preffered name for girls in North ), makes the confusion worse !!!

Ha HA ha !!!

shabnam said...

The post is worth reading now...threee gals and a guy ;-) (Shashi, Aish, Shabnam) and Badhri the only guy..... :D

Aish said...

Well, I hate to dispel this doubt but Shabnam and girl ?? Hmmm, unable to digest. It is assertions like these that are cause for my stomach aches.

Aish said...

And Badhri, it is winding comments like these that chase away readers. I would like to banish you from my kingdom.

Something really funny happened just now but cannot put it in this PUBLIC blog

shabnam said...

Well, Aish..don forget we are at the same workplace...? And,..now that you dispelled I can knock you down too!

Aish said...

Hmmmm, no wonder Badhri is asking for your help :-)

abhi said...

grow up!!!