Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have two problems in my DNA. When I work, I take too many things up at the same time and smother myself. When I don't, I vegetate (and watch TV). Currently, I work. My to do list includes, but isn't limited to...

  1. Conduct science exhibition at office
  2. Print certificates for the participating students who used this as an excuse for not studying for their tests, not turning in home works and bunking schools.
  3. Send out mails, stick posters, announcing people to get their empty heads out of their computers and show up for the exhibition!
  4. Practice dance for the upcoming event where we are supposed to grab the attention who are actually more interested in the booze! :)
  5. Oh! (almost slipped my mind)...and the numerous customers who believe that I am actually working on their problems, awaiting an answer from me

Being the great time management guru I am, I spent my time dancing when I was supposed to be sleeping and working when I was supposed to be printing out certificates. So far its alright, but going by this sequence all of a sudden meant, that I am forced to sleep while I am supposed to be working, and sleepy I was nodding every other minute. Not that I haven't done that before, but its a couple of days before the visit of a company big shot and the entire site is buzzing like a beehive to impress him and I could sense passers-by thinking "probably the guy who helps the company best when he is sleeping!"

You know that kind of embarrasses me. So, I thought I would go to RVD's cube who does a lot of good work behind the scene including designing my certificates. RVD also sits against a wall along with an empty cube. So after pretending to discuss something with RVD, I ensconced myself in the chair in the empty cube convinced that I can sleep without being judged by anyone else (except RVD, but well its still a good deal).

Not a minute after I passed out and I was shaken out of my sleep by a thunderous laughter that came down from 6 feet, 8 inches above me. As my eyes were still trying to refocus his image, he said "Wake up man! Its work time". Then he promptly turned to RVD, clarified something and then whizzed away, while I was still trying to form a clear image of his in my brains. RVD laughed heartily and said, "Now that you are busted by our site director, you have nothing to lose anymore! At least enjoy a good sleep"!


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