Saturday, March 20, 2010

Any doubts?

Our company's community relations team recently conducted a science exhibition in which eighth grade students from a school nearby demonstrated their science projects. One girl stood out with the her crisp explanation of her project demonstrating the working of a hovercraft. The confidence with which she started out with her introduction, her project and the way it worked she looked more like a teacher than like a student. No less than four senior management staff members stopped by to watch her demonstration and all of them came away impressed and laughing. When she ended explaining Newton's third law and how hovercraft uses it, they all expected that to be the end of her demonstration and said "Well done". The puny 4 ft 8th grade kid universally, ignored the appreciation of 6 ft. MBAs and PhDs with double-digit work experience, looked all of them in the eye and jolted them to reality with an authoritative question, "Any doubts?".

Our company's COO, still recovering from the question half-an-hour later, while giving away the team awards told her in front of the crowd, "I am glad I got to learn a few science concepts today." Then he turned, smiled at her "I have no doubts. It is very clear!"


Maya said...

This is what we have to appreciate in the kids - their innocence :)... good job Badhri ,for documenting this one here :D

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