Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sometimes its better to keep quite…

Most…of the times…I get annoyed to see men intruding into the ladies’ compartment in MMTS train, Hyderabad. Further I vent out my anger by asking them to leave or read the instruction saying boldly that “You need to pay fine under such offense”. Today, I was rather immersed in a book in one corner, when I found one Guy confidently boarding up…I was about to say my usual dialogues… J when he started saying,…”Come on guy’s get out of this compartment, it’s a ladies one…” This guy turned out to be the TT who was actually warding them off…Not my fault entirely cause I gazed at him thinking if, he was in his uniform or something…but then finally I sighed a sense of relief saying…”Thank God I didn’t blurt out today at least...else would have been the laughing stock for the day.


Badhri said...

The better way to look at it is to put oneself in the shoes of the TT.

He would be thinking "Here I am trying to do something that would probably impress a girl. But look at my luck! This lady is yelling at me to GET OUT!...sigh sigh"


Anonymous said...

haha!!! That comment comes quite obviously since you are a BOY ;)