Sunday, June 22, 2008

George Carlin (again!): Similarities

OH MY GOD! I just have to post this one. I just have no other option. Because this is THE LOL material. I was rolling on the floor and laughing my a*s off! I could feel the pain in my stomach around my six-pack that I never knew existed!

The embedding is disabled. So, here is the link. UNBELIEVABLE!


Anand said...

Stop pissing... You're gonna sneeze. The brain knows, you'll blow your ass off! :)):)):)):)):))

Man the opening was too good. Abt the classes in the society - thats god damn true...

Anand said...

George Carlin died yesterday;_ylt=AjJd3pq3OE5F3cqtSvXgbRqs0NUE

Badhri said...

Ooops, I can't believe I laughed someone to death.

May his soul rest in peace and may the heavenly Father take his soul in his abode. I pray to Him to make this part of his divine plan even if it means modifying it!

After all he made most people laugh and pissed off only a few!