Monday, January 12, 2009


These days no matter what I do the conversation naturally slides to how I am lost because I am preoccupied with something (rather somebody) else in mind. :D I try to fend them off as much as possible. But it is only a matter of time before I give up and let my colleagues walk all over me with their taunts! What is the point anyway? They are not always wrong quite honestly! :)

But today was a little different and for once I got off the hook fast! I was having lunch with three of my colleagues over some trivial matter when I got a reminder from my mobile. As I paid attention towards it I fumbled up with a reply. Assuming that to be an SMS from "Her" my colleagues grabbed the chance.

"Now there is no point talking to Badhri", mentioned JJ

"Ya, he is in his own world", giggled RS!

"Ya, Ethiopia", said RVD

I said, "Its Utopia not Ethiopia! and look who is lost!" :)

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