Sunday, December 21, 2008

The pressure of performance

Thanks to a colleague for this one.

Me and muttoo.....

Read this on a blog profile. I couldn't help smiling on the line below the pic :-)

Sadist Joke

Hyderabadis will be able to get the context of my joke.

Badhri and I were going in a rickshaw over the new flyover that connects Greenlands to Banjara Hills and Hi-Tech. I, matter-of-factly, told him "Dude, you know this flyover has really made life easier for people". Badhri, his usual skeptical self, quipped "Not before taking some" - referring to the flyover mishap that happened not so long ago.

PS: This post introduces a new label "Sadist".

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I get lost in thoughts so much that I am famous among my friends (at least those who I currently live with) as one who mouths and gestures to himself while alone. But I reach new heights if I make official visits companies representing my company.

Recently I had been in Qualcomm, Bangalore to support a design release. The avid coffee drinker in me prompted me for a cup while working on a head-scratching behaviour of our company's software. I opened the glass door to reach the pantry and my gesturing started while I waited for the coffee. I must have taken the coffee after it filled up and started walking. CRASH came the sound and the next thing I remember was that about 10-15 people were staring at me as if they were 5-year-olds lost in a strip club - horrified and confused at what had just happened. I was standing there with a small lump on my forehead, all the coffee on my brother's neatly pressed formals. (I don't pack my shirts when I go to Bangalore!), a stupid smile on my face that my mom would usually describes as "a monkey that had just tasted ginger". Lost in thought, I didn't notice the closed glass door in front me and almost walked right through it!

As if to prove the stupidity that my face wore, I asked the only person dared to walk up to me to help, "Was this door closed?". He had to let out the giggle he was suppressing till then when he said, "Yes, it closes automatically. You probably didn't notice". I thanked him for the help and walked to my cube as I rememebered my visit to Wipro last year with a sense of deja vu!